This is what you can reach for not only in everyday life,
but also in times of need.
We have a wide variety of shirts.
It's just a white shirt, but it's still a white shirt.
Because it is a standard shirt that you are most familiar with,
be particular about the quality of the material.


A clear blue, or a slightly grayish color.
There are many nuances to the color blue.
If you are aware of the differences,
choosing the right one for your season or mood will become a small pleasure.
You are sure to find a blue that matches your suit or jacket.


If you wear a lot of plain suits and ties,
add a light blue stripe to your wardrobe.
It is both gorgeous and refreshing,
and goes well with basic business wear such as navy, gray, and brown.
When paired with patterned items,
it looks great if you add contrast to each pattern..